71. Imperial Open-Use License

Flair Plaque
By Paul1234
9 Customer reviews

Uploaded: Nov 21st, 2055
Category: Games & Toys
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Assembly Time: 9 minutes 44 seconds
Assembler Requirements: Airprint; PolyPrint M3 or greater

Item Description: This uses the technique that exemplars use. Anyone who holds this will have the same powers of the exemplars. Each marking on the plaque gives you a power. I put notes on the card for each. I wasn’t able to get all of the exemplar powers though, but this should be enough.

This is not a prank. I know it doesn’t look like much, but please believe me that this is the real thing. The power is in the glyphs. It doesn’t matter what they’re on. As long as you have this plaque, you could draw your own plaque on a post-it note, just as long as you’re holding one to begin with. I don’t know how it works, or what the science is. Just please. Download this. It’s free, and it won’t be here long. The empire will take this down as soon as they find out.

If they do take it down. Please, someone. Put it back up. The empire should not be the only people who have this power.

Item Details: Four glyphs.

* Mind reading, requires eye contact. It can be tricky to realize it’s working at first. It’s easier to clear your mind before trying.
* Aura-sensing. This one is easy to detect.
* Flair sensing. You can sense other flairs, but not people using glyphs.
* Glyph writing. This last one will let you draw your own glyphs. Any medium will do. It just has to be legible.

License: This product is available under the Imperial Open-Use License.

The build file for this product is available here.

Listed Price: Free to Download.
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Customer Reviews

4.2 stars out of 5

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★★★★★ It’s for real.

By Austin Ramsay on Nov 21th, 2055

Don’t know why I downloaded it. It looks like (and is) a piece of plastic. Not sure why or how it works, but it does. Didn’t notice at first after taking it out of the tray. But it made me feel really weird. It’s hard to explain. SO and I did test and yes, you can read minds, but only when you’re holding it. Printed another one for her. Don’t know how it works. Just does. Uploader is probably right. I don’t think this will be available for long, so prolly download it now.

★★★★★ What the f***?

By Nicole Clayton on Nov 21st, 2055

omg it actually works. download it. Try it. ima use my superpowers now. :3

★★★★☆ Works

By Jeremy Battner on Nov 21st, 2055

Yeah, this does work. But I didn’t expect it to.

For those commenters saying it doesn’t work. You need to hold onto it for a while. At first, I thought it was just my imagination. I would have thought that you’d see some difference when you hold it, but you just get this feeling sort of that its working. I had to confirm with my gf that I was actually reading her mind. It was hard to tell at first that what I was thinking when I looked her in the eyes was actually what she was thinking too. But you get used to it really fast.

It doesn’t have any markings or anything. On the surface, there are some raised ridges, which you can kind of see if you hold it up to the light. It looks like they were drawn by hand.

PROS: It lets you read minds and sense when people are near you. I haven’t tried the “glyph writing” thing yet. Not sure how writing something on a piece of paper could make powers. That seems kind of unlikely. Also, I don’t know what the flair sensing does, or what that even means.

CONS: It looks and feels really cheap. Looks like something a 5 five year old made in 2 minutes. Whoever made this forgot to put any colorant in it, so its this ugly translucent brick. Its dimensions are awkward. It’s a little larger than a phone. Doesn’t fit in the pocket. I don’t know how it works since it just looks like it’s plastic, but I think the user should make it more portable.

OVERALL: Get it. I don’t know how it works. But get it. I’m really surprised this isn’t on the front page yet.


By Tyrone Myers on Nov 21st, 2055

I saw the other reviews and download count on this and decided to try it. The only reason I bothered is because I’ve heard that the plaques that the exemplars have work more through mysticism than technology.

I printed it, tried it out, and can confirm that THIS IS FOR REAL. It took me a lot of tests to confirm that it is not just a placebo. But as long as this piece of plastic is in your hands you can read minds and sense people around you and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW. It did take me a while to figure out that it was actually working, so don’t just throw it away.

I cracked open the source file and can confirm that it’s just a block of uncolored polypropylene. There is no other material. There is not even a microchip. There are only some designs written on one side that someone obviously hand-drew with the swell tool. They’re some kind of weird line art that look kind of like tattoo designs. And there are some written instructions that are basically the same thing in the product description, but they’re REALLY hard to read since the author used the same swell tool to write them.

The thing also says that you can copy the drawings onto something else and that those too will give you the same powers. I can confirm that this works as long as you’re holding this plastic thing in your hand while you do it. I’ve created a set of index cards that each have the same power as long as you’re holding them. But it took me a lot of tries. The description says you only have to make them legible, but they didn’t work for me until I drew them perfectly. And if you even smudge the ink, it will stop working.

As far as I can tell. This is proof of magic. Because there is no other way this thing can work. I THINK this is the same kind of thing that the exemplars use, which explains why no one has ever explained how their telepathy and stuff works.

Download this now.

★★★★★ Genuine hacked exemplar plaque

By Mary Chang on Nov 21st 2055

Tried it. It works for real. I guess somebody in the exemplar committee leaked this. I’ve got my assembler running non stop making these things.

★☆☆☆☆ Worthless

By Samantha Boeng on Nov 21st, 2055

Downloaded by accident. This is just a piece of plastic.

Nov 21st 6:57 A.M.
This product is no longer available.

Hacked Exemplar Plaque V2
By TMoney4545
2 Customer reviews

Uploaded: Nov 21st, 2055
Category: Misc
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Assembly Time: 1 minute 43 seconds
Assembler Requirements: PolyPrint M2 or greater

Item Description: The library admins took down the previous exemplar plaque hack, so I’ve put up one of my own.

I cleaned it up and shrunk it down to credit card size. Since it doesn’t actually matter what the plaque is made of, I swapped out the polypropylene for a CFRP lattice, which feels nicer, is tougher, and should let people with earlier model assemblers print this. The drawings (where the power seems to be) are made using colorants instead of displacement. You can specify the color scheme through the customization tab. As long as the drawing color and background colors are different, it should work although I haven’t tested them all. I put the original instructions on the back of the card explaining which drawing does what.

It works. Download it fast because it’ll probably be taken down in a few hours like the original was.

Item Details:

* Durable CFRP (carbon reinforced polymer)
* Convenient size
* Fast rep time

License: This product is available under the Imperial Open-Use Public License.

The build file for this product is available here.

Listed Price: Free to Download.

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Customer Reviews

5 stars out of 5

Most Helpful

★★★★★ It’s for real.

By Sara Guardia on Nov 21st, 2055

Found this one and a few others. Most don’t work, but this one does and is by far the nicest of the hacked exemplar plaques. The others just looks like reposts of the first which I was too late to download since I was asleep the whole time it was available. Definitely get this one. I also would like to know how it works, but I can’t figure it out. This one looks like it might have an RFID or something, but the other ones don’t. Don’t care. This works. I like it. I’d rate it higher if I could since it literally gives you mental powers.

★★★★★ Best of the hacks

By Jeremy Battner on Nov 21st, 2055

Since the original was taken down. A lot of reposts of been cropping up. Most of them are just the same file of the first, but this is the first one that fixed up the problems.

This design fits nicely in my wallet, which still seems to grant the powers. It definitely does look nicer. I like the color scheme options. Definitely an improvement. Five stars.

Nov 21st 1:22 P.M.
This product is no longer available.

Online Forum Topic: Hacked Plates Download?

Does anyone know where to download the hacked exemplar plates now that the public library has been taken down? I can’t find any links that don’t lead to something that’s been removed.

Same here.

If you have a friend who has the plaque, they can draw you one.

I don’t 🙁 I didn’t hear about this whole plaque stuff until today. Nobody I know has a copy. But what do you mean draw? With what?

Download here. This is the source file that was on the library. You have to set your assembler to dev mode and download the designer studio, then you can load it up in that and print locally.

That file doesn’t work for me. I printed it but it doesn’t do anything.

Yeah, same. It doesn’t work for me.

Sorry. Try this one. I guess I have to hold my plaque when I resave it.

Yea that one works. What do you mean by that? You mean holding the plaque in your hand? How does that make a difference?

Dunno. But it does.

Does anybody know how it works? All the ones I downloaded look like they’re just plastic. What is actually causing the mind reading?

Nobody knows. The best theory I’ve heard so far is that its some kind of totemology, where some ordinary item ends up having some otherworldly power that we put into it with our belief.

That doesn’t make sense. I believe that these plaques make no ****ing sense. Why would it give me power?

It’s not that. There’s no reason the plastic would have any power. The powers have to be coming from ourselves. Like Obi-Wan said. “The force was with you all along.” The symbols just key into our brains somehow.

Obi-Wan never said that…

They’ve got a talk about this on this thread.

Is it safe to download these things? The empire shut down the public library and everyone is saying it’s because peopl kept uploading these plaques. Every link I found for these things has been removed. Are people going to show up at my door if I download this?

Probably. The glyph things were leaked. I don’t think anyone was supposed to have these powers except for the empire.

I’m probably on every empire watch list now if I wasn’t already. I’ve downloaded every link I find. I handed these things out at school. I was going to upload my source copy onto the library but it was only there for like 10 minutes. No one’s come for me yet.

Ya. You gon disappear.

Nah. The empire doesn’t have the manpower to arrest anyone. I’m in New Zealand, and the empire has about as much control here as they do on Mars. Everyone here is getting these plaques and no one is stopping us.

If the empire arrests everyone who has one of these, they’ll need a lot more detention camps.

Now that I have the plaque, I feel like everybody is watching me. I can only hold it for a few seconds before I get creeped out. Is that right. Is my plaque broken.

That’s right. That’s the empathy thing. I got that too at first but you get used to it.

Ya. The power is really sensitive. They can’t actually see you (unless they have a card themselves). You’ll get used to it.

The world is going to hell from this. My brother and his gf broke up today when he found out she was cheating by using his plaque.

A lot of people walked out of work today when they asked our manager what his plan was for our department. Turns out the restructuring he talked about was more like laying off half our department right after product release.

Nobody is going to be able to lie to anyone anymore. We’re all going to be able to read minds. If you don’t look someone in the eye, they’ll think you’re lying to them. If you do, they can see every thought you have. I can’t even imagine what the world is going to be like.

I know I’m never looking anyone in the eye again. I don’t want people knowing what I fap to.

Yeah, but you’ll know what they fap to too. The world is going to become one giant gentlemen’s agreement not to bring up our late Tuesday nights on the computer.

It’ll be weird at first, but then it’ll be awesome. No more lies. No more politicians or big business. We can just ask them if they’re actually going to do what we’re electing them to do. No one is going to get away with crime anymore since the police can read the criminals’ minds. If Queen Victoria actually cared about the world, she would have released these plaques long ago, but no. They wanted to hold onto it so they could run the world and spy on us, but not anymore. We all have the power now, and we can use it on them. This is going to be new era.

@Heart_Clog, what’s probably going to happen is NO ONE is going to look anyone in the eye anymore. So it won’t mean nobody will lie anymore. Just that everyone wants to keep their privacy.

Everybody is going to be so afraid about looking anyone in the eye. There’s no way to tell who has a plaque and who doesn’t. Pretty soon, everyone will. I’m totally excited about all this, but at the same time, I wonder how the world is possibly going to function. Society needs lies.

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